Court Hearings Continue

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The psychologist ordered to evaluate David’s competency has determined…David is incompetent to stand trial, at this time.

This is another answer to prayer. This will help ensure we get help. Thank you Father!👐🙏

The thinking is…that after long term treatment both in a residential facility and follow up out patient treatment…he might become competent to stand trial (for these current charges).

The judge can decide to pick it back up at a much later time.

So, there is a big possibility this legal matter is going to be a much longer, more lengthy process…journey for us…than anyone expected.

But I sensed & made peace with that possibility… When my husband & I decided to push the powers that be…to not rush…and dig deeper…to actually help us!

Soat this time…they are waiting for the medicaid application we submitted to process. They may want to release him to us for a time…while we all wait on Medicaid. Then place him in the facility they have been communicating with.

But we are not comfortable with that…only because David is such a flight risk…and we will have no medical or psychiatric coverage or aid…during that time…which is not as big a risk or concern while he is in state custody.

But these are the facts & possibilities the attorney wants us to be aware of.

We still do not receive communication from anyone during the days between court hearings (for anything other than documentation needs the JPO occasionally has)…which makes it so very hard on this mamma.

But I am determined to not allow Satan to discourage me with that. And I am determined to press through the silence…and try hard to not allow it to cause worry. Practicing, imperfectly…being still in HIS presence…saying “Your servant is losyening!” Taking it to Abba Father, again & again.

What this means for the timing of our move…we still don’t know.

We are still waiting on the last of the funds from my husband’s former job…so we can purchase an RV…move out of the house…while we continue to wait on God to lead the way & wait on Him to say when.

Thank you, each & everyone of you who take the time to follow our journey and take time to stop & pray to our Father on our behalf.❤

I pray…Daddy-God’s SHALOM peace…that is beyond your understanding…will saturate your mind/body/soul. ♡

– Erin

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